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Jumaat, 10 Jun 2016

[DEDAH] PANAS!!! Lim Guan Eng Seperti Cacing Kepanasan... Giliran Datuk Huan Pula Saman Zenith BUCG Dan Kerajaan Negeri P. Pinang... #SahabatSMB


Susulan daripada laporan polis yang telah dibuat, dan kemudiannya diikuti dengan laporan kepada pihak SPRM, hari ini Datuk Huan memutuskan untuk meneruskan tindakan ke atas Syarikat Zenith (BUCG) Consortium dan kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang dengan menfailkan saman di mahkamah... Datuk Huan sebenarnya sudahpun memberi tempoh kepada syarikat Zenith BUCG yang kononnya akan menfailkan saman terlebih dahulu ke atas beliau ekoran dakwaan yang telah beliau buat, namun hingga hari ini tidak ada apa2 tindakan susulan daripada pihak syarikat...

Umum mengetahui, Datuk Huan yang mewakil rakyat P. Pinang berasa sangat tidak berpuas hati dan tertipu dengan urusniaga serta perkembangan berkenaan projek pembinaan terowong dasar laut... tambahan pula, pihak kerajaan negeri masih gagal memberi jawapan yang memuaskan terhadap beberapa soalan yang telah dikemukakan oleh Datuk Rahman Dahlan serta Datuk Huan sendiri... Lim Guan Eng seolah cuba memperolok usaha untuk mencari kebenaran apabila memilih untuk tidak menjawab sendiri persoalan yang dibangkitkan... LGE hanya mengarahkan seorang EXCO nya, YB Lim Hock Seng menjawab bagi pihak beliau dan kerajaan negeri P. Pinang... malangnya, jawapan yang diberi lebih kepada cubaan berdolak dalih dan hanya merupakan satu usaha untuk menutup bangkai yang sudah berbau busuk...

Ikuti kenyataan media yang dibuat oleh Datuk Huan selepas proses menfailkan saman sebentar tadi...

In light of the press conference held by Zenith-BUCG and the Penang Govt two days ago where they had announced their intention to initiate legal action against me and my party, I hereby announce that I have instructed my lawyers to initiate a legal suit against Zenith-BUCG and the Penang Govt for defamation.

Their press conference implies that I have lied when I had quoted known sources - including from the SSM and the various press statements from the DAP Penang State Govt.

Instead of properly answering the valid questions asked and the concerns raised by various quarters including myself on the mega RM6.34 billion Penang Tunnel mega-project, they had decided to threaten a lawsuit on me based on frivolous grounds.

Instead of agreeing to a request for a public debate on this subject, a Penang EXCO member had dismissed the request by asking the Gerakan Youth leader who is he and brushing him off as "not his level".

Instead of answering the Gerakan Secretary-General and a Member of Parliament why the company was able to make extraordinarily high profits of RM61.5 million on sales revenues of RM51.8 million with a paid-up capital of RM8 million for the financial year ended August 2015 when it appears their only source of payment was the land given by the Penang Govt and their work is do the feasibility and detailed design reports, they choose to ignore the MP.

Instead of answering my question of why the cost for the feasibility and detailed design fees for the 3 paired roads totaling 20.3km in length is a staggering RM208.8 million and up to 11% of the construction cost, which is up to 5 times the maximum gazetted scale of rates agreed by the Board of Engineers and the Works Ministry of 2.54%, they threaten me with a lawsuit.

Instead of answering why the current shareholdings of the awarded company differs so significantly from what was publicly announced in a statement by the Penang Government just 3 years ago, they want to shut me up.

It is my right as a politician and a Penang-lang to ask this.

Let me remind the Penang Govt that these are billions of ringgit worth of public funds and state land that you are giving,.

Let me remind you that this is not your father's land as what the YAB Chief Minister was caught commenting on a critic before.

Let me remind you that the State PAC report on this Penang Tunnel project has already been twice delayed.

By saying that they will sue me have given a perception that I have not being truthful in this issue. I have fought for the interest of the public with all the evidence that I had gathered and forwarded it to the MACC..

If my evidence is based on falsehood, let the MACC punish me with their laws.

I am thus forced to take this move to initiate legal action on both the company and the Penang Govt to protect my integrity and to avoid them tarnishing my reputation.

By bringing this matter to court, I will be able to force the Penang Government to reveal the documents they refuse to declassify and to get the answers to the many questions that are currently being asked.

I will see you in court.

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan,
VIce President
Parti Cinta Malaysia.

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